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Parents, teachers and tutors learn how to teach 3,000 plus words to beginning readers in Duncan's instructional guide 'A To Zoom'. This 100 page guide instructs you on each page a necessary technique to master reading. For example:

1. One-syllable words are grouped and classified as phonetic or non-phonetic

2. Whole word and phonic methods are explained

3. Basic spelling rules are listed as they occur

4. More than 250 homonyms, homophones/homographs are listed as they occur

5. Duncan explains how to add the endings s, y, ed, ing, er, est, ly and le

Plus 95 other reading techniques for parents, teachers and tutors to utilize in a simple and effective manner.

8.5" x 11" workbook has removable pages and the cover is illustrated with beloved character Oly by artist Holly Bigelow. Shipping is FREE.