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Learn how to teach reading to beginning readers with vowels and consonants, phonics, the whole word method, vocabulary building and other proven techniques used by Leonard C. Duncan in his instructional reading guide 'A To Zoom.' Duncan, a teacher for 37 years in Los Angeles with a Master's Degree in Education from Pepperdine University, teaches parents, teachers and students of all ages how to master reading. The techniques used in 'A To Zoom' have helped countless students achieve success.

Additional proven techniques of Duncan's in 'A to Zoom' include a chart of essential words, a chart of elementary words, more than 250 homophones/homographs listed as they occur, a chart of interjections, a chart of contractions, how to add the endings s, y, ed, ing, er, est, ly, le, a list of 102 high frequency multi-syllable words used in sentences, basic spelling rules listed as they occur and more than 300 listed phonograms.

'A To Zoom' is illustrated by artist Holly Bigelow with beloved character Oly and nursery rhyme drawings for coloring.